Support of Pediatric Society

Support of Pediatric Society

To the Department of Juvenile Justice:

The Northeast Florida Medical Society (NEFMS) as a community of African-American physicians and other allied healthcare professionals in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia region is an organization with an initiative to increase public awareness concerning adverse risk factors to health inherent in current aspects of living, and to advocate for the eradication of the disparate allocation of healthcare provision and resources to the under-served.

We are writing this letter in support of the Northeast Florida Pediatric Society (NFPS). We fully endorse the initiatives outlined in the proposal of NFPS to reduce the prevalence of COVID-19 by addressing the challenges presented by conditions in the juvenile justice system by implementing evidence-based interventions, and also creating a Task Force in which our community of pediatricians will be able to engage with significant input.

We’ve seen to this point an unfortunately increasing prevalence of COVID-19 among the youth, and the staff, but we have an opportunity to significantly attenuate the proliferation of the virus among the staff and the youth of the Department of Juvenile Justice. We look forward to collaborating with our healthcare community and the city as we move forward to help address the conditions in this environment that enable COVID-19 to spread within the
institution and into the community.


NEFMS, Executive Committee
Barry P Wright, MD, President